Javier Sanchez is a social media specialist and Account Manager and for the past four years he’s worked for some of Portland’s best digital agencies; producing award–winning work wherever he’s been.

Working at the very highest level as both an Account Manager and social media specialist, Javier provides his experience, knowledge and expertise to clients offering them something more than your average digital marketer.

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Need help developing content for your site or for a specific campaign. I can help with that, having worked with numerous clients to develop a strategy that fits in line with your company’s objectives.


Any good site needs to be found. I can put together marketing campaigns to get you lots of new customers, and attract leads through brand awareness and the use of social media tactics.


Putting together a video ad for your business? I can help you shoot, produce, edit, and release it.


Providing audits and optimizations on social media and other digital efforts to ensure that your brand is performing at the highest level possible.

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Why you need a Barber

As I’ve grown up, I’ve learned the importance of having a Barber. Of how good you can feel leaving the barbershop, with a fresh line up, it’s like seeing an old friend you haven’t seen in awhile. My whole childhood, much like every other kid, was going to wherever my parents went or were willing […]

Turn Down For What? 10 Reasons Why

As I was sitting at my desk the other day, a quote from the great philosopher, Lil Jon, popped into my head and I started thinking “Turn Down for What?” The 2013 party anthem raised a good question, what are some good reasons to turn down? Why should I stop getting “lit” on the weekends…or […]

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