Why you need a Barber

As I’ve grown up, I’ve learned the importance of having a Barber. Of how good you can feel leaving the barbershop, with a fresh line up, it’s like seeing an old friend you haven’t seen in awhile.

My whole childhood, much like every other kid, was going to wherever my parents went or were willing to take me. For me, it was a mixture between Supercuts and the local Latin uni-sex salon that always left me looking like the Mexican Joey (Friends was popular when I was a kid).


Those places always left me unsatisfied and wanting more, the cut was never even, the conversation wasn’t there or lacked substance.

I remember my freshmen year of College I wandered into my first Barbershop, “Diversity Cut”. I walked in and was greeted right away, I recall taking a seat and hearing this funky music playing, it was welcoming, almost like this is where i need to be type feeling.

I soon discovered from my first Barber, that a Barber isn’t just someone that cuts your hair, but a person you can rely on, there is a level of trust that gets developed between a man and his barber.

The Reasons:

This person to start with, is skilled and has mastered their craft. They know how to use a pair of clippers, a straight edge razor and scissors with finesse.

The difference: When you enter a salon/Supercuts, it’s more likely the person behind the chair is a cosmetologist. A cosmetologist is trained more with scissors and experts in styling, coloring, and perming. Knowing this difference will help when you’re picking where to get your next cut.

The conversations; In all honesty this has been my main driver in staying with my barber. The barbershop has some of the best conversations ranging from Politics, to Sports, and everything in between.

Every time I went to my Barber in College, I got to learn about this man’s experiences and we’d talk politics and discuss how it affects us or others around us.

The difference: Whenever I went to a SuperCuts, I’d get a different stylist, or even if it was the same person. The conversation was always the same, about my family, work, or their family, pretty lackluster stuff for someone that you see on a regular basis.

The close shave: As I mentioned, Barbers are skilled with their tools, whether that’s a pair of clippers or a straight edge razor, they know what they’re doing.

While yes, you or one of your buddies can cut a fade or a nice buzz cut (I hope you can). The line up won’t be as crisp as what a barber could pull off.

The difference: You haven’t lived until you’ve gotten a shave at a barber shop. Till you recline back in the chair, and let them do their thing. It’ll be the most relaxing thing you’ll experience when you have a man holding a extremely sharp object going against your neck.

The connection: The man behind the chair is more than just someone that holds a pair of clippers and ask you what you’re looking for. They’re a friend, almost family…actually they are part of your family.

From my experience with my Barber(s), they’ve all been someone I could count on, rely on for advice that usually came with a story from their experience, and have taught me about life in one way or another.

Some of the quotes from my Barber:

I don’t care about how much money someone has, I don’t care if you’re black, white, brown, purple, I only care about character. A person isn’t anything without character.


Are you whitewashed? Being Whitewash means you’re losing who you are in order to please someone who doesn’t even like who you are


I use to detail cars, now I detail people.


Needless to say, if you don’t have a barber, consider getting yourself one. Find someone that knows how to cut your hair, that you can click with. This will be someone you’ll be going to for years to come, and shoot who knows maybe you’ll take your kids too.


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